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Who are we? First of all we are PERSONS. Each with their own skills and ideas. It’s the match of different ideas which lead to a tight-knit and proactive team. We have a strong background in mechanical precision machining field and our aim is to position ourselves on the market as a leading company in providing Customer with HIGHLY INNOVATIVE OENOLOGICAL AND AGRI-FOOD MACHINES based on leading edge concepts for today’s market. We conceived and designed machines ourselves. We also manufacture them thanks to a solid support provided by O.M.R. OFFICINA MECCANICA RAVERA, a well-know machining company located in Cherasco with more than 35 years of activity and 20000 Sqm. They joined us since the very beginning of this adventure and they’ve proved to be our perfect partner thanks to reliability, innovation and positive contribution they could bring to the cause.

Our team is made of professionals with different levels of specialization on manufacturing system and it results in a well organized and modern company, able to produce superior technology machines.

The choice of advanced management models for operational tasks to be carried out, makes WBL a positive reference for modern manufacturing company management. This working methodology made perfect production chain possible and operating costs optimised in order to obtain high quality machinery at competitive price.



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